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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Luke and Aimee are Engaged!

Every once in a while, I get a couple that’s chemistry is immediately and obviously out of this world . . .  and Aimee and Luke are DEFINITELY one such couple! They are so magnetically in love and it was really so much fun to photograph. Aimee is an old friend of mine and I am so thrilled that she and Luke have found one another. They both deserve the happiness they’ve found and I am so looking forward to sharing in their wedding day in just a few short months. 🙂










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2012 Album Options


Hey guys! I wanted to do a quick update with some pictures of a couple of recent albums. There are many of you who have booked us over the phone recently (thank you!!) and haven’t had a chance to get any of our albums in your hands, so these pics are for you! Enjoy. 🙂

Open two-page spread of a Flush Mount Album (notice there is no break – only a bend – between the two pages):


This is a closed, 10×10, 20 page, Flush Mount album with a black leather cover:


Two more pics of the Flush Mount Album, demonstrating the thickness of the pages:


Look at those delicious thick pages (Flush Mount album):

These are our Press Printed albums. You’ll see the pages are much thinner, leading to a much thinner profile to these albums overall, but they still have those beautiful leather covers (non-leather options available, too):

Here’s a picture to give you an idea of the page thickness of the Press Printed albums. The way I’ve described them is similar to the thickness of two pieces of cardstock stuck together. They’re thin, but significantly thicker and FAR more durable a magazine or coffee table-type album (like what you’d get from Shutterfly or Target).

There IS a separation between the two pages in an open spread of a Press Print album, but it’s really quite minimal:

These are three of about a dozen color options:

Another view of an open spread in a Press Print album . . . pretty:

Some people have us make guest sign-in books for their wedding receptions using their engagement pics in a Press Print album and it is just lovely:

One last pics to show the difference in thickness between Flush Mount and a Press Print albums.


I hope this was helpful! As always, please call or email with any questions! 🙂 – Stacy

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Quin is a grown man!

Or at least that’s how it feels sometimes! 🙂 When I look at my sweet boy, I can hardly believe he’s not a BABY anymore . . . when did he become a TODDLER?! It’s really true: becoming a  parent warps time and speeds things up like crazy. I spend so much time just watching Quin and trying to remember everything I can about him, as he is, right this moment.

I’m a bit behind on sharing these pictures, but I took them the day that Quin turned 15 months old (almost a month ago). Quin loves to chase after Buddy, cruise the furniture, push his “scooduh” (scooter), and practice his ever-astounding and increasing vocabulary! He is still the funniest little kid I’ve ever met and our love for him truly grows by the day. It’s amazing!

Quin’s taking his sweet time learning to walk, but he has no problem pushing the furniture throughout the house – haha! His 7-months-pregnant momma is eager for him to get to steppin’, but he doesn’t understand what the rush is all about. I know one day I’ll be wishing for these days again, so for now, I’ll just enjoy the end of ANY limit to his mobility. 🙂 Here are a few favorite pictures of our sweet boy!

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Joe and MC’s Wedding

What an amazing day for this truly beautiful couple!  Joe and M.C. were married last weekend, right before the Austin blizzard of ’11. We had SO much fun at this wedding and reception and just felt like a couple of comfortably dressed family members with fancy cameras. 🙂 Thank you to M.C. and Joe’s families for making us feel so incredibly welcomed and loved!

This is one of my favorite wedding dresses EVER . . . . obviously because it’s gorgeous, but also because it has POCKETS! SO cute!


Reception: The Austin Club
Coordinator: Linda Dryden (LOVE!)
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