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Ross and Hallie’s Wedding!

Oh my goodness . . . Ross and Hallie had the most BEAUTIFUL wedding!:)I’ve been having some pretty major website/email/blog issues, so I’m so relieved to be able to communicate with the outside world again – hooray! Anyway, I wanted to quickly post a few favorites from just the pre-ceremony and ceremony time at Ross and Hallie’s wedding and, don’t worry, I will be sure to post some reception highlights really soon! Hope you enjoy these!

Many thanks to Beth at 36th Street Events for her always incredible coordination skills!

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Joe and MC’s Wedding

What an amazing day for this truly beautiful couple!  Joe and M.C. were married last weekend, right before the Austin blizzard of ’11. We had SO much fun at this wedding and reception and just felt like a couple of comfortably dressed family members with fancy cameras.:)Thank you to M.C. and Joe’s families for making us feel so incredibly welcomed and loved!

This is one of my favorite wedding dresses EVER . . . . obviously because it’s gorgeous, but also because it has POCKETS! SO cute!


Reception: The Austin Club
Coordinator: Linda Dryden (LOVE!)
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Jared and Monika’s Wedding: Part II

Here are some pictures from Jared and Monika’s fabulous reception at Horseshoe Bay Resort’s Yacht Club. We’ve been seeing a huge comeback for red accents at weddings and we really like it! The lighting at this reception was really lovely and warm – you’ll see!:)Happy Sunday!!

CLICK HERE to see Part I of Jared and Monika’s wedding day!

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Ryan and Erin’s Wedding!

What a glorious day! Ryan and Erin are two of our very closest friends and we could not be happier that they have fallen in love.:)Not only do Stan and I consider them some of our dearest buddies, but we are also tremendously inspired by the lives they lead . . . . they are just GREAT people.

Ryan was one of Stan’s groomsmen WAY back when we got married and Erin was one of my bridesmaids, too! Little did we know 7 1/2 years ago that these two would forge such a deep and loving relationship from what was once simply a beautiful friendship.

Ryan and Erin – we are SO happy for you two and we cannot thank you enough for having us be a part of your wedding. Stan loved putting on the monkey suit to be a groomsman:)and I feel so honored to have gotten to capture your day for you. Here are a few favorites from Ryan and Erin’s wedding day . . .

(PS – Special thanks to my friend/former bride, Allison, for shooting this wedding with me. Though you won’t see her pics here on my blog, let me assure you, she did a great job!)

I love Christmas!

That little sweetie is one of Quin’s best friends, Sammy. He is spawn of Natalie and Clark, more of our best friends! He helped Ryan get ready . . .

Of COURSE, my husband is the biggest goofball in the picture. LOVE THIS.

Erin, you were radiant! I love these pics with Momma G!

There were auditions for this bridal party. You had to be a 10/10 in the looks department, obviously.

This picture is SO Erin!

“YAY, they’re married!!”

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