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Jacob and Catherine’s Wedding

Here it is . . . our last wedding before the arrival of our baby boy! We could not have asked to go out (on maternity + paternity leave:)) on a better note!

Our lives have been so enriched over the past year by our getting to know our sweet friends and across-the-street neighbors, Catherine and Jacob. These two are just wonderful together and we were so honored when they asked us to capture their big day for them. It means SO much when we get to be a part of our friends’ weddings and we LOVE shooting them!

Jacob and Catherine’s gorgeous wedding and reception both took place at Barr Mansion in Austin. Every detail of their day was beautifully overseen by Beth Walker and her crew from 36th Street Events and the incredible floral arrangements were put together by the very talented Monique Capanelli with Articulture Designs. J&C picked such an awesome team of professionals, which made the day that more smooth and enjoyable . . . thanks to everyone involved!

Jacob and Catherine: Photographing your wedding day was such a huge honor for Stan and I. We cannot thank you enough for including us and trusting us to capture all of these awesome moments and more! We love you tons and hope you’re having fun in Morocco. We’ve been picking up your mail, as promised, and only opening the really fun-looking wedding gifts!:)

Some of the gorgeous details of their wedding . . . .

OH, and Catherine found this AMAZING lady on Etsy who custom designs cake toppers to look exactly like the bride and groom – soooo cute! (I’ll get the girl’s info from Catherine and post it here asap!)

Catherine has such an amazing sense of style and she’s so uniquely beautifully and elegant.

I ADORE the way that Catherine’s mom is looking at her as she gets ready.

Catherine – I don’t need to tell you how cute you are, do I?!

I am such a sucker . . . for seer, that is!:)

Every one of these girls rocked the canary like it’s going out of style!

Wow . . . just wow.

During the ceremony, a butterfly came and landed on Catherine’s stunning dress. You could hear gasps of amazement from everyone in the audience, which were quickly followed by about five million camera clicks. I think we got a pretty good shot on the right here!:)

One of my favorite things about a wedding is watching the groom’s face as he looks at his bride and Jacob was as sweet as he could be!

Oh happy day!

This is Jacob’s fantastic brother Tucker giving a toast . . . what a cool guy! Tucker: thanks for giving Stan lots of good law school advice – you’re the bomb!
I want to marry this picture . . . . but I won’t . . . . cause that’s weird . . . . and I’m already married.

Hahahahaha – YES!

Colin – we really like you, dude!

Congratulations, you guys!

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Anthony and Brooke’s Wedding

Brooke and Anthony’s wedding was fantastic! We had so much fun capturing them with their family and friends, tearing up the dance floor and making a million memories!:)Here are a few favorites . . .

I loooooved Brooke’s adorable flats!

Yes, that’s NINE beautiful bridesmaids!

And 8 handsome men! Anthony had his father as his best man, which was just the sweetest thing.

Their beautiful ceremony at Second Baptist Church in Houston . . .

I loved all the pink, red, and golden details of their wedding day – it all came together and looked incredible!

Anthony, this is the cutest you’ve ever been . . .

Brooke and Anthony hired my new favorite DJ in the world: Damon from PRP Entertainment. OH my goodness – he brought the house DOWN! (That’s him to the left)

And the dancing was rockin’ .  . .

LOVE this shot from the garter toss!

Oh yes, there was even a time for a little limbo!:)

Congrats, lovelies!:)We SO enjoyed your wedding!

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Silas and Karen’s Wedding

These two are just awesome together! I’ve been looking forward to Karen and Silas’s wedding since I met them several months ago at Starbucks. We laughed like crazy together (especially when the barista wrote “Silence” on Silas’s coffee cup because he thought that was what his name was!) and hit it off like we had been friends for years! Having this kind of connection with my brides and grooms makes every step of working with them sweet as pie cake!:)

Silas and Karen had a beautiful ceremony at Holy Word Lutheran Church, followed by a lovely church reception, and a dinner reception at Avery Ranch Golf Club. The whole evening was such a joy – complete with a reenactment of the famous Chris Brown wedding party introduction, a cake AND cupcakes (yall know I was in heaven!), and some of the most fun dancing you’ve ever seen! Here are a few of my favorites from their day . . .

Karen is the laughiest (word or not?!), happiest bride I’ve EVER worked with!:)

And I luh, luh, LOVED her dress! (yes I am a dweeb!)

The tie tying always takes concentration. You should probably stick your tongue out for extra focus!:)

I love these next two moments immediately following the ceremony . . .

This one for obvious reasons:)

And this one just because of the sheer look of joy on Silas’s mom’s face as she’s hugging her new daughter-in-law! Adorable!

How can you not laugh looking at these guys?!

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Jason and Andrea’s Wedding

Yes, we shot yet another wedding at Villa St. Clair this summer – for 3 total weddings there in 6 weeks! We should have had some sleeping bags and a change of clothes there for a while!:)

Jason and Andrea had a beautiful day and we were so glad to get to join them for their wedding. These guys are so young and cute – they reminded me of Stanbo and I when we first got hitched – awwww! One of the highlights of the day for me was definitely the fact that Andrea had, not one, but TWO GREAT-grandmothers in attendance! They were both so darn cute and it was super special to have them there. Getting to see all the unique families we meet come together for each couple’s wedding day is one of my favorite things about what we do! Family is such a gift.

Anyway, on to the favorites:). . .

I love checking out what the guys did during the “getting ready” time versus what the girls were doing. It’s usually pretty funny!

Girls: getting dressed, relaxing

Boys: Playing video games!

But what’s important is, when it was go time, Jason was totally ready to see his bride!

Jason’s mom was so sweet – I don’t think she stopped crying all day! Here’s her family trying to comfort her and it looks like they did a pretty good job. That is SO gonna be me when baby Quin gets married! AGH!!!:)

Could these two be any cuter?! Answer: NO!

This is probably my favorite of the day . . .

The father-daughter dance was such a tear jerker!

As was the mother-son, of course!:)

Jason: The look you see in Andrea’s eye in this picture (where you are about to shove cake in her face) is one you will see MANY times during marriage. It’s the “don’t even think about it” or “you are dead meat if you do” look that every wife gives her husband on a regular basis. You need to memorize this look and take caution!

These girls are my buddies – they’re all really into photography, so we had some good discussions about that . . . and boys, of course!:)

Don’t forget to behave during the removal of the garter – your wife’s great-grandma may be watching!!:)

The boys here on the left were fighting over who would be the winner of the garter toss . . . and neither of them wanted it! Commitment issues?!:)

Congrats, love birds!

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Richard and Jenny’s Day-After Session

I just realized that, though I shot this session a loooong time ago, I completely forgot to ever post it – whoops!:)Well, Jenny and Richard loved the pictures from their post-wedding session, so now I’m sharing them with you! A Day-After or post-wedding (because it doesn’t actually have to be the day, week, or even month after! you can wait a year if you want!) session is a great idea for people who want lots of relaxed portraits of just the two of them in their wedding garb, but may not have much time on their wedding day for portraits OR (as was in this case) have a late wedding and thus, have no outdoor light during the portrait time on their wedding day. Send me an email if you’re interested in a post-wedding session and let’s make it happen!

They had a really cute case of the giggles right at the beginning of the session.:)

Love these . . .

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