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Rave Reviews

Hey Stacy!!! Oh my gosh we absolutely LOVE the pictures!!!!! They are honestly incredible! And the slide show you made!!!!!!.. We have sent it to so many people!! Everyone is OBSESSED with your work!! I’ve given your name out probably 17 times! Thanks again for such an incredible document of our night!! It truly is up to the photographer to capture the memories.. Cause man it flew by so fast, I hardly remember it! Thank you again!! It will be a challenge to not cover our house with work by Stacy Cross!! – MC and Joe

These are amazing Stacy!!! We can’t thank you and Stan enough for all of your hard work that day. Y’all are the best! I will def send out an e-mail to our friends and fam to show them these awesome pics! Y’all really did capture the fun and excitement of that day!! Thank y’all SO, SO much for everything again. It has been so fun and such a blessing to work with you throughout this whole process. – Hallie and Ross

Thank you so much!  Everything looks just wonderful.  When I sent the sneak peek to my mom the other day, she immediately burst into tears and said, “She is just unbelievable.”  You definitely have an eye! We so loved having you shoot our wedding.  – Leah and Justin

These are amazing, Stacy.  Ron and I both cried as we viewed them.  They are worth a million dollars – at least! Thank you again for such an awesome gift!  - Ron and Janine Parrish (parents of the bride)

Stacy and her husband Stan did an AMAZING job on our wedding photos a year ago!  We used them for our engagement photos as well.  Even though we only met with them twice, we were able to build a relationship as if we had been friends for years.  They are just a true down-to-earth couple!
We chose Stacy  Cross Photography because we didn’t want the typical “posed” wedding pictures.  They were able to capture the natural, special moments and tell the story of our special day through every picture.  Between the two of them, they were able to somehow capture every moment so that we didn’t have to miss a thing.  Every picture brought tears to our eyes, and we still enjoy looking at them today!  I highly recommend spending a little more money on your wedding photos.  A wedding day is full of so much excitement, anxiety, tons of friends and family that you don’t get to spend a lot of time with…that it almost becomes a blur by the end of the night.  So pictures are the only thing you have to look back at to enjoy those special moments.   Totally worth it! – Yelp review by bride Elisa

So I’ve already spent a million hours looking at all the pictures online and I just got the DVD from our mailbox and I could NOT be happier. My mom and sister have been gushing to me about them too all day. They are all so gorgeous. I’m so glad that you got to be a part of the big day and you made it so smooth and fun and easy. I feel so blessed to have 685 perfect memories from you and Stan.  – Whitney and Nate

Stacy and Stan! I am looking through all my wedding pictures again… which happens on a regular basis;)We love love love them still! After 1.5 years almost to the day I want to say thank you again! We love our pictures and every time we look through them not only do we remember our day perfectly, but we seem to take appreciation of another moment! Thank you for a lifetime of perfect memories!  – Monica and Brandon

Now I’ll never be able to go to sleep tonight!! I am back at Barton Creek on her wedding day & thanks to you & Stan, you have totally recreated it for me!! As with so many mothers of the bride, we miss a lot! But from this sneak preview, I know I can relive it all over and over again!! Your work is magnificent!! – Kay, mother of the bride

You were absolutely fabulous and Andy and I both agreed that one of the best decisions we made was hiring you and Stan.  All of the pictures are so beautiful and clearly portray what an amazing time we had.  I feel like you made me look better than I actually did!  Your photography is stunning and we were so happy we chose you.  I had a gut feeling when we met.  Your personalities were a perfect fit for us.  I am naturally uncomfortable when I know I’m being photographed and don’t always act like myself, but you made me feel like a friend and put me completely at ease.  Andy had great things to say about Stan as well when he was with the guys. You were also completely non-intrusive and I forgot you were there most of the time.  We will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone.  I could talk forever about how great you were.  We have gotten TONS of compliments on your photos.  Thank you for capturing these memories and documenting our rehearsal dinner and wedding so beautifully.  Andy and I had the time of our lives and now we can relive the weekend over and over. – Leslie and Andy

I cannot get over how much I am in love with the pictures. I have sent it to every e-mail address I can think of. I am SO proud of your work and I’m SO thankful we chose you as our wedding photographer. You and your sweet husband Stan truly caught all of the night’s most perfect moments in such an artful way. I cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU again! – Caroline and Michael

I knew we picked the perfect photographers, but these pictures just confirmed our choice. – Liz, mother of the bride

The work you do extends far beyond photography, you truly touch the hearts of those around you. Thank you again for capturing Ronnie and Kelsey’s wedding day in such an amazing way. – Chris, mother of the groom

You are the BEST!! This is absolutely amazing and it brought tears to my eyes (sitting at work…haha). You are so great at what you do and you make the process so easy and fun. – Amanda and Adam

You’re an ideal photographer and your husband is awesome too! And now that I’ve seen this preview (which I will promptly broadcast to the world!!) I just don’t think saying “thank you” is enough. You’ve captured so many memories that will be passed down through our growing family. – Carly and Dav

Stacy! OMG I love you!!!!!!!!!!!! The pictures are AMAZING. I know I’ve already written this all over facebook, but just had to tell you again! Truly cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us, including eating cheese off my dress! – Robyn and Justin





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Damian and Claire’s Wedding

This one was a BLAST! Damian and Claire were married last month (yes, it’s June 3rd, so I can say last month!) at the Stephen F. Austin Intercontinental Hotel in a lovely ceremony followed by one of the craziest reception dance parties of all time! We had so much fun with them and we really enjoyed being a part of their day! Huge thanks go out to Mrs. Shannon Cunningham, Damian’s sister-in-law and one of Austin’s most fab photographers, for sending Claire and Damian our way. We loved working with you all!:)

Shannon’s sweet little angel was one of the flower girls and yes, she DOES smile like this every time the camera is on her . . . precious!!

Shannon and Connor . . . . awwww:). . .

I LOVE CAKE BALLS!!!! Oh my goodness!

The Cunningham family is Irish (go figure, right?:)), so there were sweet little Irish touches here and there, like the shamrock decor on the cake ‘o cake balls!

Bret was the most fun Best Man EVER because he had so much fabulous dirt on Damian that he wasn’t afraid to share! HILARIOUS!!

Damian lost a bet to this Crimson Tide fan, so he got to get up at the wedding and give a speech about how much better Alabama’s football team is than Texas’. BOO!!

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Ian and Heidi’s Wedding

What a beautiful day. I think that Ian and Heidi were lucky to slip their wedding day into the last couple of pretty weather days here in Texas, folks! It is officially summer – I don’t care what the calendar says . . . it’s HOT!:)But you know what? If anybody deserved bright blue skies and perfect temperatures, it’s these two. Since the moment I met them, I just adored them. We first met at Tom and Ashley’s wedding (holler atcha, Bubas!) and even then, before Heidi and Ian were engaged, I knew with all my heart that they would get married and we would be their wedding photographers. Heidi and Ian – thank you guys for allowing us the joy of capturing you on your wedding day! It was SO much fun and we hope you love your pictures!

Their wedding and reception took place at the GORGEOUS Terrace Club. We LOVE shooting there for so many reasons, but one big one being that Hunter and her crew are just a breeze to work with. What a great place!

Heidi is such a sweetheart! She got so excited when she found out that the earrings Ian surprised her with were none other than an original Catherine Nicole creation! And let me just say she rocked the heck out of those stunning earrings!

First Look – love, love, loooooove!

I want to shrink their wedding party, tie them up with a bow, and carry them all around in my pocket. They were SO. MUCH. FUN!

This makes me excited that my little baby is going to one day turn into a little boy.:)Sweetness.

Haha! Don’t leave, Ian! These guys were great!

I want to re-do my wedding . . . . and have yellow flowers. Seriously. Nobody ever does them and I LOVE them!

The wind nearly whipped Heidi’s veil right off her head, but boy did it make for a cute pic!

Sunset goodness. The sunset = not the best ever, but so-so. Heidi and Ian = the BEST.

Do you love good food as much as I do?!

I can’t stop coming back to this picture . . . I think it may be my favorite.

Oh my . . . cake balls! At one point during the reception, I felt the need to approach Heid and say to her “Heidi, I want you to know that if you wanted me to be a professional and to do my job, you shouldn’t have had cake balls at your wedding.” She laughed her butt off . . . but I was serious.:)

How fun is this cake?! Ian is a cyclist, so they had this amazing groom’s cake that might have been the most original groom’s cake I’ve ever seen! Loved it!

Elizabeth Cross, we’re going to have a sister picture like this at your wedding . . . love it . . .

Congratulations, Heidi and Ian. Wishing a beautiful marriage for two beautiful people.
To view more highlights from their wedding day, you can VIEW HEIDI & IAN’S SLIDESHOW HERE.
If you were a guest of theirs and would like to see their full gallery GO HERE.

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