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Ross and Hallie’s Reception!

Well, after a LONG blog hiatus, here I am with Ross and Hallie’s reception pictures, as promised! FYI, if you came by the blog in the past week or so, you may have noticed it was, well, GONE . . . looooong story short, my hosting situation got all messed up and my blog was without a home. But thankfully, we should be mostly on the mend now (though you may see some posts without pictures) and I’ll be hitting ya with as many blog posts as I can fit in before popping this sweet little baby out!:)

Anyway, on to the wonderful Ross and Hallie! Hooray!

Their first dance was super cute and the two of them smiled through the whole thing (except when they were kissin’ – haaaaay)!

We love shooting at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel. It has gorgeous decor and ambiance and the details Hallie picked looked so classy and bright in this space.

Okay, this was the BEST idea! Flavored popcorn as favors for their photographers guests.:)YUM! Hallie even picked one flavor specifically for me the pregnant ladies attending her wedding: Dill Pickle. It was out of this world!

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. H!

Special thanks to . . .

the coordinators | 36th Street Events

the flowers | Verbena Floral Design

the band | The Atlantics

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Ross and Hallie’s Wedding!

Oh my goodness . . . Ross and Hallie had the most BEAUTIFUL wedding!:)I’ve been having some pretty major website/email/blog issues, so I’m so relieved to be able to communicate with the outside world again – hooray! Anyway, I wanted to quickly post a few favorites from just the pre-ceremony and ceremony time at Ross and Hallie’s wedding and, don’t worry, I will be sure to post some reception highlights really soon! Hope you enjoy these!

Many thanks to Beth at 36th Street Events for her always incredible coordination skills!

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Joe and MC’s Wedding

What an amazing day for this truly beautiful couple!  Joe and M.C. were married last weekend, right before the Austin blizzard of ’11. We had SO much fun at this wedding and reception and just felt like a couple of comfortably dressed family members with fancy cameras.:)Thank you to M.C. and Joe’s families for making us feel so incredibly welcomed and loved!

This is one of my favorite wedding dresses EVER . . . . obviously because it’s gorgeous, but also because it has POCKETS! SO cute!


Reception: The Austin Club
Coordinator: Linda Dryden (LOVE!)
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Jared and Monika’s Wedding: Part II

Here are some pictures from Jared and Monika’s fabulous reception at Horseshoe Bay Resort’s Yacht Club. We’ve been seeing a huge comeback for red accents at weddings and we really like it! The lighting at this reception was really lovely and warm – you’ll see!:)Happy Sunday!!

CLICK HERE to see Part I of Jared and Monika’s wedding day!

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